Slim Bluetooth Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad with C

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Ultra slim, space-saving, lightweight designed
Integrated Mouse touchpad
Made of ABS plastic material with a high-grade finish
Built-in Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard
Intelligent and simple connection, with wireless operation distance up to 10 meters
Built-in Rechargeable lithium battery lasts long.
Energy-saving keyboard sleep mode
Let you experience comfortable typing rather than clumsy tapping
With LED indicators

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TECHGEAR®’s Active Strike Pro Series Keyboard is a perfect companion for your tablet, giving it added functionality and you the comfort of a physical keyboard allowing for fast, responsive typing, rather than slow and often annoying screen tapping!

It has a slim, lightweight design making it your perfect travel companion.

Unlike most keyboards which have a rubberised finish, our keys are made of ABS plastic, which give you the same tactile feedback as your everyday home keyboard.

TECHGEAR® Active Strike Pro keyboard also has the added comfort of having UK QWERTY standard keyboard layout and design, unlike ALL other sellers that sell USA keyboard layouts. So it’s just like using your normal everyday keyboard, as you don’t need to waste time learning a new layout, and finding everyday keys like @ , £ / etc.

Moreover, this keyboard comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that has an extremely long battery life. You can type for hours without needing to charge the keyboard. When the keyboard is inactive for fifteen minutes, it will automatically go into the energy-conserving sleep mode. All you need to do for the keyboard to wake up is to press any key.

TECHGEAR® Active Strike Pro series keyboard also have the additional benefit of a Mouse Touchpad, which brings great convenience for everyday use. The touchpad also supports gestures (For WINDOWS Devices ONLY)

We have lined the base of the keyboard with soft microfibre fabric, so that it will not mark any surfaces it will be used on.

We have also included a custom made case for your keyboard, (also fits many tablets), so that it is always protected when it is not in use.

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