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Asus Laptop Range

On display in our showroom

Uncompromising performance

We offer a comprehensive range of laptops from entry level Pentium through to the most powerful i7 models. ASUS Laptops Series features The latest generation Intel® Core™ processors to give you smooth and responsive computing performance. This processing performance, coupled the advanced on-board memory controller and Windows 10 make the range ideal for daily computing.
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Superior graphics performance

ASUS Series notebooks have a NVIDIA® GeForce™ discrete graphics card* to give you a visual boost for editing photos or video, or playing the newest and hottest games.

*Only for select models

Come in-store to establish the right choice for your specific computing needs.


For Business

Consumer laptops are inexpensive and plentiful, but a business class laptop offers features that generally aren’t found in notebooks meant for consumers. Extended warranties, durable designs and conservative styling are hallmarks of business level machines. Initial costs for these features and extended service plans mean that business laptops usually cost more than consumer laptops. The ability to keep these laptops up and running, and have them serviced in a timely manner is key to keeping a business humming along.

Finding the right laptop

For small and micro-businesses, the limited manpower needs to be concentrated on the firm’s core activities. Making the most effective use of limited IT budgets is a key consideration. Selecting the perfect laptop is equally important in all cases.

ASUS Zenbook

On display in our showroom

Up to 10 hours battery life

ZenBook UX305CA’s powerful battery and intelligent power management keep it working for up to 10 hours* with Wi-Fi connected. So when you want to unwind after a tough day, there’ll always be plenty of power in hand for play!

Lifes perfect companion

The sophisticated design of ZenBook UX305CA is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, engineered to stand out from the crowd. It takes dozens of precisely-controlled manufacturing steps to forge each ZenBook from a raw block of solid aluminium. The subtle and refined new shape incorporates the DNA of the classic ZenBook, with an elegantly-tapered wedge design that’s both practical and elegant.

Slim & light for the on the “on the go’ers”

The ZenBook Range is designed to go everywhere you go. Weighing from a mere 1.2kg and just 1.23cm thin, it’s never a burden, always a delight. But it’s not just an amazingly-beautiful, lightweight laptop: it’s seriously powerful too, packed with the latest high-performance technology. With all ZenBooks you can do all the incredible things you’ve always wanted to do, wherever you are.

Come in-store to establish the right choice for your specific computing needs.


Gigabyte P15

On display in our showroom


Performance where ever you need

All our performance models, feature the latest generation Core i5’s or Core i7 processors, many have dedicated graphics chips which make them suitable for gaming or graphic intensive applications. Many also come with Solid State Drives for maximum performance. They are the latest, highest specification models we have in stock with 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty. They all also feature a special cradle which allows the DVD to be modified to take an extra HDD or SSD.

Full HD Wide View Display for Crisp & Rich Vision

The 1080p wide view display with great viewing angle realizes premium viewing experience plus startling color accuracy and clear images when screen sharing comes in need. The fully upgraded P15F v3 makes a great partner either for engaging gaming or immersive theatrical experiences.

Unique Design: Lead the pack

The P15F v5 features angular diamond lines in quality matte black finish, creating an all new unique design element. The outstanding design will definitely distinct you from the crowd either in any gatherings or your next LAN party.

Gigabyte P55

17″ Model On display in our showroom

USB 3.1 Type-C – Upgraded Convenience

The frustrations of turning a USB over and over trying to get it to plug has ended. With the introduction of USB 3.1 Type-C universal connector, connecting a USB is no longer a fuss. Not only is it easier to plug, it also has twice the throughput of USB 3.0.

Premium Backlit Keyboard

The full-sized chiclet keyboard creates snappy yet responsive typing experience for long-hour operation. The 2.2mm key travel with outstanding response makes typing as effortless as what users expected on their desktop systems.

Available in 15″ and 17″ Sizes

Take gaming on the go to the next level with a gigabyte P5 series laptop, featuring Intel i7 and Nvidia GTX Graphics. Pick size or portability with 15″ or 17″ inch screen sized variants.